VA Loan Advantage
VA financing carries many benefits for qualified applicants, and most qualified veterans will find it to be the most favorable loan option. Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive by purchasing your home with a VA home mortgage.

No Down Payment
The most obvious benefit of the VA loan program is the ability it gives to current and former members of the military to purchase a home with no money down. This means you can realize the dream of homeownership right now, even with limited resources, if you meet the VA loan eligibility requirements.

No Mortgage Insurance
With other loan options that allow you to buy a home with limited money down, you will be forced to pay mortgage insurance each month as a penalty. The VA home mortgage program never charges mortgage insurance. You simply pay the funding fee, which is small in comparison to mortgage insurance. This makes the VA loan far more affordable than similar loan programs.

Additionally, the VA loan program represents one of the most affordable loans for qualified veterans because it is a fixed rate mortgage with a favorable rate, which may even be lower than the rate on a traditional mortgage, depending on current market trends. In addition, closing costs are more affordable with the VA loan than with a traditional loan because VA borrowers are not permitted to pay buyer- non allowables.

Multiple Uses
You can use your VA entitlement multiple times throughout your lifetime. If you have already used a VA loan and are looking to have it reinstated so you can make another home purchase, one of our qualified VA Loan Counselors will be happy to walk you through the process.

If you currently have a traditional loan, you can use the VA loan program to refinance at a more affordable rate, lowering your monthly payment and eliminating monthly mortgage insurance.
We are ready to walk you through the home buying process so you can begin investing in your future through the purchase of your new home or seeking refinance options.

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