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While the VA does not use the credit score to determine eligibility, lenders that finance VA home loans absolutely do. Your credit history and FICO score are crucial to the VA home loan application. Before you begin the home buying process, it is always best to examine your credit closely and make the necessary changes to improve it. If you find your credit score is below average, it is best to start making improvements by addressing any unresolved outstanding issues as soon as possible. This process can sometimes take longer than expected, so our mortgage experts recommend starting the credit repair process as much as a full year before you begin looking for a house.

Inspect your report for errors, evidence of identity theft, outdated information and then take the time to dispute this incorrect data because it may delay your loan application if the credit report shows conflicting information. Additionally, if you intend to have a co-borrower on your VA loan or borrow with your spouse, the other borrower should order a copy of his or her credit rating to check for errors and conflicting information as well.

The credit check is a vital part of the VA loan application process and you can be prepared by knowing your credit rating as you go into the process. To find out more about the VA loan application or to start the pre-approval process, talk to a VA mortgage loan office today! We are here to answer your questions and get you started on the path toward home ownership.

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